• TCT_beta1.8 download
  • Audio Track Convert Tool(hereinafter referred to as TCT) is a tool that integrates audio-track transcoding and coding.
  • Input-supporting fileswav,ac3,dts,dtshd,flac,mp3,thd,cpt,thd+ac3,aac,mkv,asf,avi,mpg,mpeg,vob,qt,wmv,mp4...
  • Output-supporting files:wavs ac3,dts,wav(rf64), flac,demux,aac,dca core from dts-hd.
  • Configuration requirements: win7/win10 32-bit or 64-bit operating system; processor support SEE code; memory 1GB or more; available hard disk space more than 4G.
  • Libraries used: libFFmpeg3.2, libAften, dcadec, mkvmerge, libiconv1.14, libsoxr0.1.2, zlib1.2.8....